• PC200 Lathe

    PC200 Lathe

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    PC300 Mill

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    PC200 With Air Chuck

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    PC300 Enclosed

  • PC160 Lathe

    PC160 Lathe

  • DTM300 MILL

    DTM300 MILL

What is benchtopcnc

We have created this website to offer support to the owners of ‘Hercus’ range of cnc lathes and milling machines.

This support varies from advice such as our Hints page to the supply of electronics (where and when possible) for the machines through to retro fitting of the new ‘Digi9’ digital controller and software.

The new Digi9 controller can be seen in action fitted to a PC160 lathe at http://youtu.be/8XH1w8a3lyg

Over time various changes have taken place in the range of machines. The early lathes were called Compulathes and all the electronics were built in to the machines themselves. The later a range of machines were operated by DOS run PC’s followed up by Windows run PC’s.

PC based machines required an interface card in the PC so the PC and machine could talk to each other.
Many of these machines were used by schools or colleges and when computers were upgraded, the interface card was often discarded along with the old PC.

Replacement cards, along with many of the other electronic components needed are becoming increasingly difficult (or impossible) to source for these machines.

It was this rising difficulty of sourcing these components that brought about the Digi9 controller.
For more information on this controller please go to our Digi9 Controller page for more details.

12080385_429145463951640_2166780330011252072_oClick the image if you would like to see some examples of parts that can be made on the Hercus PC 200.

We can also be found on Facebook at our Hercus Benchtop CNC Users Group. If you have a Hercus lathe or mill the group is a great place to connect with other Hercus owners/users and get advice or ideas.